Saturday, April 4, 2009

Treyton Had A Little Lamb

Treyton was up at 5:30 this morning with a bloody nose. I put him back to bed but 20 min later he came down asking if he could get up. So I decided to take this early morning time for a craft. I took a paper cup and slathered it with glue. Treyton went to work putting the "fluffies" onto it.
Next came the eyes.
And the ears.
Not to forget the feet!
Or a tail for the backside. I think sheep have tails, don't they? I'm beginning to doubt myself.
Then we added a pom-pom nose and a bow tie.
There is Treyton's little lamb! Cute isn't it? The lamb too.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Two Texas Surprises

We went down to Houston to visit Bryce's parents for spring break last week. They had two extra-special surprises for us. First, they took the kids to Build-A-Bear for an early birthday present. The kids loved it! Galina chose a bunny rabbit. She gave a kiss to the heart they put inside.
I had to hold her back while they were stuffing her bunny as she was so excited!
Bunny in hand, she waited for Treyton to take a turn.
Treyton was just as excited. He chose a puppy. Notice Galina in the background grabbing more hearts to kiss.
She insisted in putting another one in Treyton's puppy dog.
So puppy has two hearts for good measure.
Grandma Sharon helped Galina give Bunny a bath.
I helped Treyton with Puppy.
Now they were ready to be dressed. Treyton chose a football outfit.
And Galina got a tutu outfit.
You would've thought that Bryce would've helped with the football and me with the dance outfit, but for some reason we switched. Gave us a chuckle as Bryce was trying to figure out how to tie ballet shoes. Good thing he's a rocket scientist and could problem solve his way out of the predicament.
A successful day at the Bear Factory, I'd say!
The second surprise was a cake! Nothing I love better than a good, bakery cake. Sweet Pea #3 really enjoyed this cake over the week. He/she consumed plenty via Mommy.
Treyton wanted to eat Sweet Pea #1. I was amazed at how much they looked a like!
Thanks for the great memories, Grandma and Grandpa!

Treyton's First Snow Day

The day before we left for Texas to visit Bryce's parents, we had a snowstorm. Now, being from MN, this wasn't anything to write home about. But Colorado isn't as good at snow removal as MN. In fact, I've had more snow days in my three years of teaching out here (before kids) than I did growing up and teaching in MN. It's pathetic but somewhat fun. All schools were canceled, including Treyton's. The kids went outside to help Daddy shovel the driveway.
Treyton actually helped. Galina just looked cute.
It started off great. Treyton earning his dinner. Galina throwing snowballs.
But then she found the snowdrifts. She was like a sumo wrestler in a lake. Falling over with no hope of getting up. Well, a little hope...Daddy to the rescue!
She kept getting colder and colder.
So it was Mommy to the rescue!