Saturday, December 26, 2009

Our Shepherd Boy

Last week was the infamous Christmas program at Treyton's preschool. I went last year. My hopes were high but the program could be summed up in 3 words: long, long, long. So this year I packed everyone up without a spring in my step, I'm sorry to say.
We headed to the near-by church that held the event and had some wait time before the show began. Galina found a friend. This sweet grandma helped watch the two little girls. I love sweet grandmas that help moms who have their hands full. Note to self: be one some day! Of course I brought things to do. Barbie, didn't last long.
But before she got up on stage to entertain the crowd by lifting up her dress (like last year), the preschoolers arrived. Here is Treyton's class. Treyton is right next to his teacher.
Since Galina was actually sitting still, I do whatever I do when I have down time these days....try to get Brielle to smile.
It didn't work but my attention was diverted to the front. The four year olds were up!
Treyton's class is the top row (minus one boy who went skiing that day...they must've been at the program last year).
And look! Darling Gracie, who Treyton has already proposed to. She is in the front row, second girl on the left dressed in black. They were in the same class last year and share music and recess together this year.
After their songs, Treyton came over to get ready for his role in the upcoming nativity scene.
He was chosen to be a shepherd in this year's program.
Okay, now I was excited. My boy! Chosen to be a shepherd!
Meanwhile, Galina and Sweet Grandma were checking out the scene. Sweet Grandma found another kid to take care of. Curly haired cutie who will never outgrow her lap, I am sure.
The other student from Treyton's class in the nativity was Addison. She's the majestic angel below.
He's lucky that I was holding Brielle for I would've embarrassed him profusely with a blanket of kisses had I been baby-less.
His job was to bring the sheep up to the manger and then stand near-by.
Look at him! The best shepherd I've ever seen!
And there is the whole preschool for the grand finale. What?!?! It's over already? How did it go by so quickly this year? Okay, I was the shepherd boy's role that distracted me from the singing, singing, and more singing.
Next was the bus ride three blocks back to the school. The kids love this bus. They were able to ride it to practice twice before the big day of the program. It ranks right up there with a Disneyworld ride for some unknown reason. A highlight. My memories of hundreds and hundreds of hours traveling to and from school always come back when I sniff the fumes and hear the hum of such a traveling vehicle. NOT a highlight, let me tell ya.
Back at the ranch were cookies and punch.
My sweet boy filling himself with sweet treats.
Galina mooched more snacks that she was allotted by her charming personality, the little stinker. Don't other parents realize they should ask before feeding a two year old more treats? This child has plenty of energy to spare before eating cookies!
Treyton and Mrs. Kerby, his teacher.
But look at this. Here's Addison again (the angel). She tackled him with a hug before we headed out. Treyton gladly returned it. Move over Gracie, I think his affections are changing.
This picture now hangs in Treyton's room by his request. A shepherd and an angel? I could think of worse combinations. Where is that mistletoe anyway?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Minnesota International Version

Apple Cider Cake

The best recipe I've come across lately is simple, simple, simple. A wonderful treat to warm up your inners.
Just take a spice cake mix and switch out the water for apple cider. Bake as directed.
Then take your favorite powered sugar frosting recipe and switch the milk for apple cider. Frost when cake has cooled.
I made this cake using 2 round pans and stacked it with frosting in the middle and on top. Sorry I don't have any pics, but we (mostly me) ate it all up! Oh soooo yummy! I'm tellin' ya, you've got to try it. Mmmm, mmmm good.