Friday, November 14, 2008

Butterflies in November

One of my favorite movies, You've Got Mail, has a scene where Meg Ryan is in the subway and sees a butterfly. Butterflies are sometimes spotted in the most unusual places. And when a butterfly is spotted, it always brings a smile to the face of the observer. Maybe it's cuz we had a warm spell, but I was suddenly in the mood to make butterflies with my boy. In November.
Here are the supplies: toilet paper tube, colored paper, pipe cleaners, scissors, and glue.I let my guy start cutting small pieces from the paper to decorate his butterfly.Cutting for a 3 year old is good fine motor skill practice...and just plain fun. In other words, it keeps them quiet for an extended period of time.
Then I took the scissors and cut two holes through the toilet paper tube. I threaded the pipe cleaner through the two holes.
After curving the "antennas", I gave it to Treyton to start gluing on his paper pieces.
Again, more quiet concentrated effort. Next I added two pipe cleaners for the wings and made a face.
And wall-ah! A butterfly to bring smiles in our house.
And just since we're on the topic of butterflies....I took a picture of this cute craft that Treyton brought home from preschool when they were studying colors at the beginning of the year. It's made from a coffee filter (I think) and clothes pin. Cute and clever, don't ya think?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mad Scientist

Every now and again Treyton takes on a new personality. This particular day it was one of a scientist. A crazy one. "Check this out, Mom! A grabber claw." (Such a simple toy that brings hours of amusement.)Bryce used to have real glasses that looked like the goggles Treyton is wearing. I think it was part of his rocket scientist uniform. Early in our married life he would even wear them out in public at times. He ignored all my pleas to get new ones. But then I talked to our eye doctor. He, man to man, broached the topic and encouraged Bryce to change them. Change is a 4 letter word to my husband! Although he wouldn't listen to me, he listened to Dr. James...and I will forever be indebted.
Back to my boy.
Look at that face! It's got mischief all over it.
Treyton did everything in his persona. He even tried to help me change bedding with his claw grabber thingy. It's wonderful when children "help" isn't it? At the end of that task, I was turning into a "mad" mommy.
Whether it's a mad scientist, a window guy, a bus driver, or an alligator, I will love this creative boy forever!
Thank you, Lord, for this great ride called parenthood!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Galina's Halloween Check-up

Poor Galina. She had her 15 month appointment on Halloween. Here she is. Before the shots.Notice her new ears (thanks Grandma Sharon!) and her Halloween shirt. A puuurrrrrrrrrrfect match, don't ya think?
We took Doc (the car) with for moral support.
She tried to run away like a dog going to a vet, but I cornered her and scooped her up.
About an hour after we got home I noticed this.
What is this Galina? Oh! The oven needed shots too, I guess. Is my cooking really that bad, Galina?

Galina's New Ears

Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Dennis always send seasonal gift boxes for each holiday. Now, I have no idea how Grandma Sharon can do this for her two kids plus their spouses, and 5 grandkids. But somehow she does....and gets it sent to us on time! (I don't even send birthday cards.) Grandma Sharon's love language must be gift-giving! Among other things, this year she sent some ears which Galina loved! Of course, once she got the ears on she had to have her tu-tu on. The way she says tu-tu is precious, by the way.
Then I decided that I'd better get some clothes on her. I don't want to be accused of child nudity here. Notice how she's sending kisses to Grandma in the above picture. She's got the pucker thing down pretty well, I'd say. Kinda scares me actually. She already thinks she's 13. Oh my.
All set and nowhere to go! (Thanks for the cool package Grandma and Grandpa Cox!)