Monday, March 1, 2010

Walking on Water

After church yesterday, Galina told us that she didn't want to walk on water like Jesus because she didn't want to get her pretty dress wet. 

I think I need to work with her on her priorities.  Oh my!


We had a playdate with Seiban last week.  Once again, they wanted to do a craft.  So I broke out the supplies and had them make some friendly green fellows.

First I took some green paper and found something round to trace a large circle on each sheet. (Notice Brielle in the background....she'll be in action later.)
Next I found a smaller "template" and traced two circles per kid out of white paper. And then I traced each kids' hands.
Have at it, boys! Let the cutting begin.
Boys love cutting things.  It's part of their war-like insticts, I suppose. 
These are all the pieces. Galina's toes are included for free.
Place the pieces like so to make a frog. Have the kids glue them together.
 Then simply use marker to add pupils, a nose, and a mouth.
There you have it!  Handprint frogs.

But beware...they could inspire crazy frog games.  Here's the line-up:
Seiban couldn't wait until 3.  His frogger-juices were flowing too intensely to hold them in any longer.
Soon they realized that they could jump over each other.
I think Seiban found a new talent.

While all this was going on, I neglected the little tadpole only to find this:
She rolled all the way over to the hardwood floor!  This was the first time she rolled more than once! 

I think she was a little shocked herself.
And proud!
All inspired by three Kermits taking over the house.  What fun!