Friday, June 17, 2011

Treyton's Last Day of Pre-K

Treyton had a program for his last day of pre-K.
 They started it out how they start out their class, with the pledge.
 I love hearing little ones say "indivisible".
 Then they sang songs like this one, "Shake a Friend's Hand".
 They recited poems.
 Each kid was asked what they liked best about the year.
 My boy said reading books!  The teacher in me leaped for joy!!!!  Now if I could only get him to be excited to try to read at home.  We've got to practice, kid, don't you know?!?!
 Knowing him, he'll really start to read when he's ready.  And it includes something about science.
 The last song they did was a tear jerker.  It was something about never forgetting you, loving you forever.  These kids are all off to kindergarten next year going their different ways.  I don't think I'll ever get over the sadness of the end of the school year.
 Here are his AMAZING teachers.  On the left is Miss Kendra, the assistant teacher.  The lady on the right is Miss Debi.  She is so enthusiastic about kids' learning it makes me feel humbled to be in her presence.  She's very good at what she does, needless to say.
 And the class photo.
 With their silly faces.
 Just me and my boy!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Galina's Last Day of Preschool

On the last day of Galina's preschool, the kids put on a program for us.
 They said the pledge, recited poems, and sang songs
 And recited more poems.

 And sang more songs.

Brielle and Treyton were able to watch her as well.
And give each other zurbits.
 Here's Miss Galina getting her certificate with the lead teacher, Miss Yuma.
 Then to the assistant Miss Nan for a super summertime send-off package.
 This woman, Miss Yuma, was so patient and kind.  She was just what Galina needed as she joined the class half way through the year due to our move.
And Miss Nan did a great job loving on Galina too.
 Me and my babes, see how they grow!?!