Saturday, July 18, 2009

Treyton's Debute

My heart melted as I took this picture of my two blessings coming up the hill.One blessing followed directions and posed for a picture while the other went her own way. So typical. This was the night of Treyton's dance recital. We were all so excited! Look at this handsome fella. His lovely sister was all a glow in her "tu-tu dress" which she never wanted to take off. We dropped off Treyton backstage and had a little time to kill before the show. So we wandered the campus in hopes to wear out Galina a little enjoying the flowers and pretty grounds. Galina practices her moves. Here she is tapping. Now, I'm not sure if she is reciting Shakespear or giving a political speech here. But her confidence was evident!
There's my girl and my man. So happy together!
Awwwww...... The show started off with these two playing the role of actors from 42nd St.The curtains opened and the cast started with a rip-roaring tap routine from 42nd St. My boy wasn't the only male in the show as you can see.
Next was "On Accounta I Love You". My boy's class!
It was so cute, I could hardly stand it. The croud was going nuts over this crew. Because he was a boy, I think all eyes were on Treyton. I was so proud of him!Can you stand it?And those little feet in tondu to the side, hands on hips. My heart melted. The end pose! Treyton did magnificent! I think it's the dancer blood in him passed down from generations. (You should see my dad on the dance floor.)The rest of the show was absolutely wonderful. Like something you'd see at the Buelle Theater downtown. This studio really does a nice job. I went to a show several years ago when one of my students was in it and felt the same way. So organized, professional, and at a high quality dance level. Galina loved it too, by the way! She sat and watched the whole thing! If you know Galina, you'd know that is amazing.
At the end all the dancers came out for a bow.
I couldn't have had a more enjoyable evening than watching my kid and his big debut.
It was one of those unexpected highs in parenting that didn't rub off for a long time. Praise the Lord that I get to be a mommy! It's the greatest thing in the world.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


It's becoming a tradition. When Treyton birthday rolls around, Bryce likes to take him on the train to a Rockies game. This year Treyton brought his buddy, George. The two are on the same T-ball team (The Cowpokes) so it was especially fun for them. For the first time Treyton experienced peanuts in the shell.
Baseball and peanuts in the shell...can't get much better than that when you're 4! Here's George and his pilot daddy, John.
And here's Treyton and his rocket scientist daddy, Bryce
Unfortunately, about midway through the game, there was a funnel cloud spotted along with some rain. So they delayed it for a while. I would've been outta there, but not my guys. They weathered the weather and stayed till the end.
Happy birthday, my little slugger!

Farmer Don

When I was taking care of Marat and Madina I looked outside one afternoon to find this. Farmer Don had Marat, Treyton, and Marat's friend in the tractor as he was mowing the lawn. The older boys got sick of it and left, but my boy stuck with the old man.
Soon the trailer was abandoned and Grandpa Don taught Treyton how to drive.
I wish you could have seen their faces. Total joy....both of them!
Ahhh....the freedom of the road. Or the backyard in this case.
That was the highlight of Treyton's trip!