Friday, November 21, 2008

Polar Opposites

They are about as opposite as can be. No one would guess that our two kids could come form the same genetic pool. Here are my babies just before bed: one with the thumb the other with the finger. I thank my Heavenly Father for these two angels!

EZ Turtle Craft

Notice Daisy in the following picture having no idea that she will be bombarded by two preschool mutant turtles in mere minutes. Poor dog. We love you, Daisy!I cut up a bunch of green paper, got out a few paper plates and glue and headed to work with Treyton and his friend, Seiban. At first I tried to have them glue each and every piece of paper but quickly realized that that just wasn't gonna work. Too messy, too much fine motor skills needed, too much patience-testing for me! So then I just spread glue in circles on the top of the turtle's shell. They simply stuck the papers to the plate. Then I cut out the heads, feet, and a tails. Once the kids were done with the top turtle shell, I helped them put on the bottom shells (another plate) to sandwich the heads, feet, and tails together to the top turtle shell.
There's the finished product. Daisy....beware! Here they come!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


A friend from Treyton's dance class taught me how to make a tu-tu. First I got the cast of characters: elastic, tool, and scissors. Just cut the tool into strips about 15 inches long...give or take.
Make a loop.
Then wrap it around the elastic.
Repeat until the tu-tu is complete. You can sew the elastic together or if you're lazy like me, just tie it.
Whall-ah! Tu-tus even make cleaning more fun. Laudry too. Maybe I should make myself one.
Well, look at this! I got a hug from my girl! Thanks, Galina.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drive-in Movie Night

Treyton attends Awanas at a local church. This week was very exciting since it was drive-in movie night at Awanas. Kids were to bring a car created from a box to sit in while they ate popcorn and watched a movie. So, I put him to work. The local rocket scientist. Observe.
I gathererd a bunch of boxes and let my creative husband loose with them, a pair of scissors, and duct tape. My scissors didn't cut it. Hahahaa. Hehehehe. Hohohoho. So he whipped out his razor knife thingy.
A Guiness box? To church? Oh dear.
What's with Daisy? Maybe she thought she was going to be packed up and shipped out. Although she has gone down on the food chain, she's still very loved. Don't worry Daisy! You're not going anywhere.
Notice Galina? She's about ready to club her daddy for not paying attention to her. After I took a nap I came downstairs to find a superb finished product. Fit with a trunk and all! Look at the details! My husband is a genius. Stinkin' cute, isn't it? Vroom! Vroom!Bryce had an idea for me to contribute just a little. I can handle the crayons; thanks, Bryce! Do you like my personalized license plate? Who's more proud? Here's the parking lot. There's my guy. Good thing I wasn't the one to pick him up. I wouldn't be able to resist that little face among the crowd!


Evidence of a good night's sleep.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Every Monday Treyton has a playdate with his little buddy, Seiban. Here they are in a rocketship we made on the upstairs hallway. They are busy directing the spaceship with their computers. After that got old I decided to do some crafts with them. We took some toilet paper holders and turned them into octopuses...or is it octpi? Well whatever it is, it occupied them for a while.
I drew a face on the rolls and had them decorate. Then I cut the bottoms and curled them up. Seiban's had nine legs somehow. Hope he didn't notice. Not exactly a great biology lesson.
There's the finished product!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


I went outside to tell the hardworkin' boys that it was time to come in for dinner to see this.Oh it looked like too much fun. I had to join.Don't leaves just feel sooooo good? One of the best smells in the world. Since we've moved to this side of town, we now have trees which produce a surprisingly good amount of leaves for jumpin'. Another benefit of our move among many.Here's Treyton practicing his dance moves. Leaf jumping brings back memories of my childhood. Raising kids (as well as Facebook) does that.
Look at the innocence. Purity. Children not blemished from the world's worries. There's my man with his power tool having just as much fun even if he won't admit it.
Now it was time to release the giant. Otherwise known as Galina. She's too big for her britches.
At first she was into it.
Then she realized the power of nature. Or at least Daddy's leaf blower.
"Not my hair, Daddy. I worked all morning on this!" Notice her scramble to safety. AKA Mommy. And here's the progression of woes. Small.
Oh come here, little lady. Mommy will try to make it better. Always.