Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Political Junkies

We are a family of nerds.
Bryce and I are political junkies. We eat, breath, and sleep this stuff. Sorta sleep this stuff. I haven't been sleeping well thinking about what may happen in this upcoming election.
Anyways, this is us standing in life for the McCain-Palin Rally in CO Springs. It happened the Sat following the RNC convention. Neither of us had ever been to a rally before so thought we'd try it out.
Here's the love of my life with my baby girl. She's all decked out...and happy. So is he. So far so good.
Kinda cute isn't it?
Look at this sweetie.
I bought blue and red pom poms or if you're Treyton "pon pons" to show our American spirit.
They were a bomb. The kids fought over them and pulled out the plastic thingies. Galina kept trying to eat them. So eventually they went back in the backpack. I felt like Dora pulling out various things to make the day "work".
Here's my boy meeting and befriending an immigrant from the Netherlands (I think?) who came over many years ago in search of a better life.
Such a great country we live in. Hope personified.
The even was held in a airplane hanger in Colorado Springs. They had medal detectors upon entering. Of course they searched our bags. It was just like the airport.
It was a cool view to see the McCain and Palin planes on the runway.
These were the best seats in the house which were right behind where the politicians spoke. They were seats. We sure coulda used seats as the day wore on!
We would've gotten closer standing positions if it weren't for the fact that we had to go use the potty and had to stand in line for 45 min. A man must have planned for the number of portapotties available. Either that or an Obama supporter.
Anyways, after the potty we took our positions and listened to the music and speakers. Treyton and Galina got a bird's-eye view. A fine gentleman next to us said that he remembers going to a rally, and his dad lifted him up just like that when he was three. He still remembers it! Wonder if our kids will.
Treyton was getting sick of it by now. Poor kid. He was reduced to playing with fuzzies on the ground.
It was getting super hot and we were very ready for the guests of honor.
Here's what it looked like when they came on stage.

An interesting bit of trivia....the Democratic National Convention was just a couple weeks prior to this event. A janitor for the Pepsi center found a few thousand American flags left behind on floors, seats, and even in garbage cans after the Democratic Convention. So, he gathered them up and brought them to this event hoping to find new homes for the flags. We were allowed to take them if we wanted or return them after this display of patriotism. None left on the floor or in garbages.

Why didn't I bring the stroller?

Here's a shot of Sarah Palin on the left, John McCain in the middle, and Cindy McCain on the right. You can always spot Cindy McCain because of her orange and green dress. She's such a lady! The epitome of a first lady, if you ask me. A couple more shots of the speakers. I never did see Todd Palin even though he was somewhere up there.

All in all, it was a great experience. Glad we went, would do a few things differently next time. Hopefully we were looking at the future president and vice president of this greatest nation....the last best hope as Lincoln dubbed America.

Treyton's First Day of Preschool

This is a child who is NOT happy. I couldn't understand it. He was looking forward to preschool ever since we went to the orientation. In fact, he was so excited that I used it as a ploy to wear big boy underwear. He did not want to wear undies even though he was going in the potty most of the time. I guess he wasn't up to the challenge until I coerced him into in. Bribed him. Manipulated him.

Oh, the scandal.

At Treyton's preschool they don't have to be potty trained, but he didn't know that. I told him he couldn't go back unless he was wearing his big boy underwear. I know it was wrong and all, but you know what....it worked! Any other moms out there can relate, I am sure.

So why the tears? A blubbering tantrum? I think I figured it out.
He was trying something new. This is how Treyton reacts to new things.
Can't say I don't blame him. I can relate. Isn't it true that those nervous feelings can inhibit all adventure in one's being? It's done that for me. Instead of throwing a tantrum, we adults deal with it in different ways. Unhealthy ways. Why not just throw the tantrum and get on with it? I think that's what I'll try next time. Sorry Bryce, you're in for a whopper.

The good news is that this was what he looked like once we arrived. His charming smile returned.

It was now that I felt like crying! My baby...my first born....being slowly pushed out of the nest. I once read that a goal of parenting is to give them roots and wings. He's not going to be with me forever. He needs to go and do what God's created him to do. I'm just thankful that I get to have a role in His plan for this boy's life.

Look at his little classroom. And his sloppy smile saying "cheese". Butterflies in each of our stomachs.

"Mom. you can leave now."

Okay. Here I go....sending him off to school. No cries for either of us. A sweet sorrow, I guess.

Now this one...she's going to be running off to school. Pushing me out the door. I couldn't even get her to leave Treyton's classroom. The second tantrum of the morning for me to deal with, and the clock hadn't quite struck 9am yet.

I decided to go home and make Rice Crispy Treats. That's something my mom did for us kids every first day of school. There's something about that sweet, simple tradition that I will always hold dear to my heart. It made the day complete.

I think I see little wings on that boy beginning to sprout....can you see um?