Saturday, June 26, 2010

Rocket Man's Recent Project

My husband, the rocket scientist, has been up to some clever things lately.  Check out our swing set.
He added a few touches.

This black tube thing (I know there's a name but my right-brained thinking just creates words) is now a ball shooter.

I don't know who likes it more....Daisy or the kids!
Then came the pulley.
What kid doesn't want a pulley?  I want a pulley!
I wonder if he could make ME one? Attached to a laundry basket?  It could happen.
This is just a cute pic I threw in, free of charge. 
Treyton is such a good big brother!
This past week was Bryce's birthday and Father's Day.  He spend a generous amount of time working on fixing up his jeep to celebrate.  Can I call a Bronco a jeep?  He took the kids for a quick ride which they loved no doubt.
He also went for a long motorcycle ride through the mountains. (With his helmet, of course.) 
Treyton had to have a little ride through the neighborhood to help his daddy celebrate.

And now he's up to this...
Who knows what?
If You Give a Mouse A Cookie, If You Give a Moose a Muffin, If You Give a Rocketman a Tool... I think I have an idea for a book here! (The previous two titles are well-know children's books, in case you're wondering.)
My nerdy husband and his boy.  Oh how I love thee!