Friday, October 24, 2008

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fixin' up the deck

Besides fruit snacks, there is little else that Treyton loves more than helping Daddy outside. Bryce was sanding the deck. The next thing I knew Treyton flew outside to help him (with his leaf blower). I feel like if he keeps his foot in that wire pile someone's going to come along and run with it. Then we'll see Treyton hanging upside down from the second story window. Maybe I've just watched too many episodes of Tool Time.
Meanwhile back at the ranch, I was preparing a gormet meal.
Well, okay, Digorno's Pizza. But look at how I've mastered it.....
Couldn't you just sink your teeth into that crust? I am THE master of frozen pizzas.
Lawsie mercy, I think I'll eat it all for myself and not call the boys in. But then I might get attacked by a leaf blower.

Alphabet spoons

We've been working on the alphabet lately. Here's a sort of creative way that we tried to make learning fun.... These are what I call alphabet spoons. Each spoon has a capital and lower case letter on it. First we set out all the spoons. Then Galina picked them up. Arg!!!! (Any one with more than one kid knows how frustrating this can be.) Then Treyton and I put them in alphabet order making a train.
We made it all the way to "W" before chaos broke out. Pretty good in my estimate!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dancing with the stars...newest contestants

3-D book

Here's a little idea I saw in a book. I read the creation story to Treyton from Genesis 1:1-31. Then we made this book.
I cut a slit half way up on two 8X10 cardstock. Then I folded each in half along the slit. Next I put them together to form this book. Or each "page" I wrote different things that God made: God made nighttime; God made daytime; God made the land and the plants; God made the ocean. Galina was happy to watch and play with her baby doll. Then we decorated each "page" with pictures that corresponded with the words. I like Treyton's blankie on this one. Yes, God made the comfort that only comes with his blankie. I hope and pray that Treyton will continue to learn about the comfort that only his creator can give him.
Yes, you too little missy! May you find the love of Jesus too and bask in his comfort and love. This is my prayer for you, Little Missy Magoo!

Our painted house

Here's what our newly painted house looks like. Notice the McCain/Palin yard sign. Three of our neighbors have Obama signs. Ours was the first on the block, however. Ah, life in a battleground state. May God have mercy on us and bless this great country!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Treyton's building bud

This is Marat, Treyton's cousin.
Marat loves to build things. I predict that he will be an engineer when he grows up. (Lord, help his wife!) Anyways, this gifted builder got my little builder some big boxes to play with. These two were consumed with them the rest of the week. Consumed, I tell ya! Consumed! Forts, zoos, birthday cakes, beds, so many things were created from these boxes. Creativity in kids is one of my favorite things in life! I love it! So I just sat back and watched. No need for TV with these to entertain me. And then the light sabers came out. Star Wars scenes abounded for the rest of the visit. Treyton has no idea what Star Wars is, but he seemed to catch on pretty fast.
Notice Galina on the right trying to flirt for attention.
Sorry, sweetie. When Star Wars is in the air, there's no hope. I know how you feel. Believe me.
I think it runs in his blood. Thanks to his daddy.

Madina's stuff

Marat and Madina are in 3rd grade. So every morning they'd head off to school. This gave Galina the opportunity to play with Madina's stuff uninhibited. And boy, did she have fun! Galina loves girly things. She may be the next Fancy Nancy. "Mommy, mommy, take a look at this! Don't I just belong on Baby Vogue?" She got clobbered in kisses after this shot. I couldn't help myself. Galina Ballerina. Our little treasure.

Family in MN

Last month the kids and I took at trip to MN. I was hired to take care of my darling niece and nephew as my brother and his wife went on an anniversary get-away. Galina was making it difficult to get packed up.
Off we headed to MN. My mom and dad were there to pick us up and greet us. Galina won over my dad (aka "Father") right away. "Oh, someone to walk me around the kitchen for hours! Yipee!" We were able to go to my parents one of the days for lunch. Here are my relatives from Norway. I thought it was great that our visits coincided. Sven and Elma visit every few years. They are cousins to my grandparents. Don't you just love it? Sven and Elma? So Norwegian! Galina Ruth and Great-grandma Ruth making music with spoons.A fun-filled lunch, well-behaved kids (thank goodness!), picture sharing, good food....what a splendid way to spend a day.