Saturday, November 14, 2009


Brielle is such a sweet baby. Couldn't ask for a better one! She tries to survive her sister's "love".
Sucks her pacifier with enthusiasm.
Has begun tracking things. (Look at her feet! I can't stand how cute they are!!!)
She's been studying her Grandpa Don who looks like Gorbachev with a scrape on his head. He just got done being on a jury for a murder/double stabbing case. Guess he wanted to get a little bloody to get in the mood for the case.
Our little angel!
Thank you, Lord. I love this precious gift you gave us!!!

Rocket Scientist at Play

It's very interesting living with a rocket scientist. He has a knack with certain toys. Like K'nex. Check out this Mars Rover (or something that goes on the moon, sorry Bryce....I forgot what you called this). It even has a type of motor made with a rubber band. Pretty amazing.
He also dresses up his boy like an astronaut.
Here's what he did the other night....
A model of the vehicle he is working on at work.
Not sure what that sticking up gray thing is.
But like most rocket scientist things, it LOOKS cool.
Me, on the other hand. I just have kids make things like apples.
With worms.
That's what you get when you cross a rocket scientist and an elementary teacher!


I don't know what happened. When daylight savings time started (ended?) my munchkins have turned into monsters between 4 and 6 pm. They get antsy-crazy! My house resembles a college dorm on a Saturday night. To channel that energy, I've tried some more crafts. We decided to make acorns. Using a paper grocery bag, I had kids color brown and orange.
Notice sweet Brielle hanging out over there. She doesn't know what kind of family she's gotten herself into.
While they were coloring their orange and brown sheets, I drew acorns.
Don't worry, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to construct such an image. Really basic shape, it turns out.
Then we tore the brown colored paper. I squiggled on some glue to the top part of the acorn. Kids put torn brown bits there.
Next I squiggled glue on the southern part of the acorn.
Kids put on the orange pieces.
Just to make it stand out, I retraced the black lines of my original acorn drawing and wrote their names.
Okay, back to the crazy college scene....oh my!
Three kids under four, life is an adventure!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Matching Girls

A friend of mine gave me a few clothes for Galina. Lo and behold, one of them was the same as Brielle's. (A hand-me-down from Galina actually.)
So I put the matching outfits on my two girls. Galina especially enjoyed being twins with her sister.
She didn't want to take it off! And the next day, when her outfit didn't match Brielle's, she was mad. But only for a moment as I let her pick out her outfit. My little eccentric one. Quite the fashion diva, isn't she? (Takes after her Aunt Amy.)