Saturday, March 28, 2009

Galina's Spring Fashion Line

Galina has been working on her spring wardrobe. Evidently the clothes I buy are not good enough for the little fancy one.
For all you brides out there, you must check out the kitchen towel tutu dress. It's all the rave.
And these glasses....they've taken off all over Italy. Watch for the trend to come to the States. As Easter is just around the corner, here is some attire for a soft spring look.
Don't forget the Easter bonnet.....
and the milk mustache!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ist Trimester Nightly Meeting

I'm useless at night. Nausea usually comes around dinner time (if it hasn't already hit me earlier). So the kids and I have fallen into a routine. After dinner Bryce cleans the kids up while I head to the sofa. The kids find me, crawl all over me for a while (making their daddy and I yell at them to not jump on the sofa), bring me stacks of books to read, and finally cuddle up as we watch TV. I used to putter around at this time of day, doing odd and end sorts of things. But now I'm getting to like this "meeting" that I think I might forever change my ways.
Getting work done is overrated anyways!


I was struggling to pass the time one morning, needed a certain someone to stop crawling on me, so I came up with a quick and easy bunny craft. First I cut out the pieces below. Next I put the glue and gave Galina each piece, one at a time, so as not to put a nose where the ear goes.
She's a pro.
Once all the face and ear pieces were on,
I drew a smile with rabbit teeth. Galina especially liked the teeth.
Next I gave her some cotton balls, slathered glue on Miss Bunny, and let Galina have at it.
She got frustrated at the glue on her fingers (even though I kept wiping it off), but got most of it done. I did part of the ear, hoping she'd finish, to no avail. Oh well, it suites her just fine. And I'm not a perfectionist anymore so it suites me too!
Little Bunny Foo-Foo.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

"I like her undies"

There she is again...Gracie. The little girl to the left of Treyton. They are good friends at preschool. She's adorable, loves wearing dresses, and has a dad who is from Bloomington, MN. I approve.
Last week he came home and I did my usual interrogation of his preschool day.
"How was school today?" I asked.
(Why I ask that question, I don't know as it always gets the same results.)
"Who did you play with when you went outside?"
"Gracie," Treyton replied.
"What did you guys play?"
"We rode the bikes. And one boy pushed me over and Gracie told him to NOT do that again. She helped me up."
"Well, what a good friend Gracie was! She was showing her love, wasn't she?"
(Treyton returned this favor later in the week when someone took the bucket she was playing with. Treyton came to the rescue and got her another one. Can you stand it?)
"Yes, and I like her undies."
"You like her undies?!?!?!"
"Oh that's nice," I said with eyes WIDE open. What does one say in this situation? Then I remembered that Gracie often wears dresses to school. And I know that undies often show when playing. It's a common girl phenomenon. Treyton must've taken notice. Oh nellie!