Sunday, August 19, 2012

Estes Park 2012

This summer we took a trip to Estes Park with my family only to be welcomed to this...
 A big giant fire.  They were even helicoptering in water to help put it out.  It was right across the street from where my family was staying!
Since the road was closed and we couldn't get to my family's timeshares, I took the kids to the beach.  There was a little park nearby that we actually spent more time at than the beach.
 Treyton loves to show off his skills at the monkey bars.
 Galina laid claim to this little house.
 The bookends--my oldest and youngest.
 Here they are!  My gifts from heaven.
Finally they opened the road.
Galina wanted to see Uncle Brent first.
 Hiking is always a part of the story.  Unfortunately I couldn't join them due to Ainsley and Brielle this time around.
 Here's the whole family!
 Cousins galore.
Here are all of my parents' grandkids together.
This stroller from the timeshare doubled as Ainsley's high chair.
Elk are always hanging out in Estes.  These were in our campsite.  Yes, they were as close as they look!
Cali and Brielle became friends and enjoyed a snack together. Cali always has a gaggle of toys with her wherever she goes.  She's very good as sharing which is a good thing as most 2 yr olds like to swipe.
Nap time was especially important on these busy days.
Ainsley enjoyed crawling all over and investigating all the new nooks and crannies she got herself stuck in.  Quite an inquisitive little girl that one!
One very exciting thing....Bryce and Treyton went horseback riding for the first time.  Marat and Madina go every summer and this year Treyton was old enough to join them.
My brother Brent pays my dad's way so he doesn't have to go.  Dandy Don just loves it!  It's a win-win all way around.
The other activity the kids did every day was swim.  Sometimes twice a day!
Grandpa and his girls watching Dora.
Daddy enjoying watching the grass grow with Smilers.
Galina and Carter spent gobs of time on bikes and big wheels.  Carter can already ride a bike!  I was so impressed.  They would walk up the hill and then fly down it hooting and laughing which made us all do the same.
We enjoyed celebrating the summer birthdays together.  Galina would turn 5 next month.
Treyton just turned 7.
Opening presents is so exciting!
Grandpa Don and Grandma Kay actually get to see the birthday kids open presents from them.
My family likes to take a morning to walk around Lakes Estes with Grandpa Don at least once while we're there.  Brings me back to my Minnesota lake walk days.  I love it!
Daisy gets a chance to swim.
Gotta love the scenery.
 My sister Amy, Madina, and Cali cuddling and watching a show.  Amy's pregnant with their 3rd kid.
 Here's her family.
 And Brent's family.
And my family.
Another great year in Estes!