Thursday, October 28, 2010

Galina's Latest Pursuit

Galina started gymnastics a couple of weeks ago.
 She took off with flying colors.
 I don't think her smile faded the whole class.
 Even when she was upside down.
 I think she's a natural.
 No fear serves her well for once.
 You can always tell how much fun Galina is having by how messy her hair is.
 That little boy in the corner is checking her out!
 See what I mean about the smile?
 And that boy is still checking her out!
 I'm impressed!
 She really enjoys it.
 Look at that face!
 And those cheeks....
 She's got the pose down for sure.
 Time to take a break?
 Who knows what she's doing here when she's supposed to be listening.
 Oh, I see...always one step ahead, I guess.
Galina the gymnast!  A bundle of joy and energy just waiting to bust out.