Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wrapped Around His Finger

I NEVER thought I'd see the day...... My big brother, Brent, is NOT a kid person. The only kids he likes is his own.
But Galina is a Brent person.
Somehow, as only Galina could, she used her charms and got to him.
Wrapped around his little finger, I tell ya.
Unbelievable, as my family can attest. Leave it to Galina..... that girl's got talent!

Photo Shoot

Here are some pictures from the last photo shoot. Treyton's 4 yr, Galina's 2 yr.

Last Tuesday

Last week Treyton had a busy day. First, his friend, Seiban came over to play. These two are such great friends.
They play so well together that I hardly know they are around. They have very similar temperaments, play styles, and imaginations. Plus, they are so darn cute I can hardly contain my kisses! After nap time it was off to Treyton's first soccer practice.
He spent 4 days in soccer camp this summer so he kind of knew what to do.
He really loves to run. Doesn't like being in the middle of the group elbowing for the ball, but leave it to him to run fast when he gets the chance. Reminds me of Dash from The Incredibles. He sort of looks like the cartoon too, come to think of it.
Go Treyton go!

Hiking with the kids

About 10 minutes from our house is a hiking/open space that we finally checked out a couple of weeks ago. We decided to test out the kids (and their pregnant mom) before my brother came to town to see if we could handle it. They were excited. Here's Galina on a mission.
And Treyton just took off.
They did great!
Bryce was in charge of Daisy.As expected, she did great too.
And the pregnant mom? Great!
We decided that we have to do this more often.
It was about 1 1/2 - 2 miles and Galina made it through most of it. She's a trooper. Especially in a cheerleader outfit. Treyton had no problems either. Especially with a "pet" jaguar in his backpack.
On our way out, Bryce thought about our turtle. Yes, we have a turtle. Well, Bryce does. I forget about it. A dog, cat, two kids with another on the way, and a husband is enough for me to take care of for now. I'd take another kid or two, but no thanks on another pet.
They caught grasshoppers to feed to the turtle. The kids loved this! I think it was the highlight of the hike.
There was a dog park adjacent to the hiking area. They had an obstacle course for dogs to play on. This was NOT the highlight for Daisy. But Bryce insisted on pushing her through. Poor dog.
Treyton decided to help out by showing Daisy what she was supposed to do.
Unlike Daisy, he had no problems.
A very fun, free, family activity!