Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Eve

This year we headed out to our church for their Christmas Eve services.
Childcare was available for kids 2 and under (thank God!), but Treyton stayed with us. This is not normal for him as he usually attends Sunday school. Our church gave out little treat bags with some crayons and stuff to help with the older kiddos. Treyton was interested in what was going on up front for the first part of the service, feeling pretty grown up to be attending with Mommy and Daddy. The choir sang; the worship team sang; don't you just love Christmas songs? Time to bust out the snacks.
Then they had a little "children's sermon" for all the kiddos. Here's my guy in the mesh of children.
Of course, when the actor guy came out he got scared shouting, "Mommy, mommy, I don't like that man!" So I headed up.
After that scene it was back to our seats. Snacks were gone, sick of coloring, so we go into the toys Mommy brought by request. He wanted to play with the Nemo and Little Mermaid figures from the kids' joint b-day I had for them. Cute party theme, don't ya think...Nemo and Ariel? The highlight of Christmas Eve services was and will forever be the candles. This year we let Treyton hold his own candle. Here comes the flame being passed down the aisle.
Oh boy! Oh boy!
And there he is with the wonder of Christmas written all over his face!
The kind gentleman to my right offered to take a picture. Such a nice man.
I love to peer around the church at this point. It's always so beautiful; it takes my breath away.Silent night, holy night. Heavenly peace.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Santa Craft

Santa came to our house in the form of a craft this year. Here's Treyton and his weekly friend, Seiban. I prepared by cutting out red strips of paper, some boots, mittens, hats, and a head. We took the red strips and glued them together as so.Next they glued on the heads.
And mittens.
And boots.
And hats.
Now for the extra fun part...flair! I just had them glue some cottonballs on the hat.
What fun cotton balls can be with your buddy on a wintery Monday morning!
Then they added some warmth to Santa's suit (the cuffs).
Now for the beard.
So you'd better not pout, you'd better not cry.... Santa's come to town!

Pacifying Galina

I was doing a craft with Treyton and his buddy the other day and had to deal with this. So I quickly came up with this.
Cut a candy cane shape out of construction paper. Add glue squiggles. Then bring over some cotton balls and let the snagglefritz go to town. She actually did better than I thought. Notice the tantrum gone. Kudos to me!
I think I see a smile in this picture? Or is it that she just grabbed the whole cabootle of cottonballs and thinks she's big?
There's her finished project!
Not bad for a 16 month old.
Of course, after the boys were finished with their craft (will post later), they wanted to make a candy cane too. Look at Treyton's friend, Seiban. Isn't he just darling? He thinks he's a superhero. A superhero who does crafts. Merry Christmas everyone!