Monday, March 16, 2009

Galina's New Hobby

Galina absolutely loves baby dolls. Recently she figured out that babies wear diapers. So she convinced her daddy that her baby needed a diaper on. Bryce, being the good daddy that he is, took on the challenge. Look at him lay the baby down on the diaper. And there he goes.....
Galina learns quickly. She especially liked the tabs on the diaper. On and off, on and off.... This was her entertainment for the entire evening.
Look at her face and how happy she is that she is now mommy to a baby in diapers. I know exactly how she feels!

Fun Bugs

I am not a bug person, but this is a craft I couldn't resist to try. I just took a box to use the cardboard. Then I cut out a bug shape.
Next I cut little slits along the body of the bug.
Find some string and ignore the messy kitchen. To decorate the body I taped a piece of string to the back of the bug. To help get Treyton started, I threaded the string through one of the body slits.
This is where Treyton took over. He pulled the thread to the other side and put it through another slit. We pulled the string to the first side going along the back this time.
Back and forth, front to back and it looks like this.
Treyton wanted to add some more string so I found some orange and repeated the process.
I made the antenneas by curling them around a pen.
And Treyton glued them on along with googly eyes.
Treyton wanted his bug to have wings so I cut some out, requested in blue, and Treyton taped them on the back. I figured tape would be more durable than glue when he began to fly his bug (throw it) as I knew he would.
And there is the finished project. He was so proud of this one!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I Won't Try That Again For a While

Before becoming pregnant, my usual schedule was to wake up between 4-5am, breakfast, go to the health club or work around the house, shower, and be back and ready by 6:30-6:45 so Bryce could get off to work in time with a lunch. (That's when the kids get up too.)
But pregnancy has changed all that.
I've been a sloff. Sleeping like a hibernating bear. Nothing's getting done.
So yesterday when I was wide awake at 4am, I decided to get up and try my old schedule. BAD IDEA. I ended up being in bed or laying on the couch for the rest of the day. Feelings of nausea were so intense. I was miserable.
But a strange thing happened. My belly "popped". I don't know exactly why but it just came out like a bubble. (I would post a picture but I am in my p.j.s with hair like a clown and don't want to scare you readers.) So either this baby is growing wildly or I've eaten too many French fries and pieces of pizza in the last few weeks. I hope it's the former!