Friday, January 30, 2009

By Golly, He's Got It!

Usually I feel like I'm the only one listening to myself around here. Broken record, talkin' to the hand, that sort of thing. But Treyton made me stop in my tracks yesterday. We had a bunch of his trucks out, and he was calling an excavator a scoop and a backhoe. Now for the record, Bryce has hammered into me the differences among the various construction trucks and is persistent on me using the correct terminology for each vehicle in Treyton's collections. (I used to call everything a scoop.) I told him the giant excavator was called that...or a scoop. He said, "Yeah Mom, they can have different names.....just like Jesus." Just like Jesus?!?!! Maybe he is hearing me! This is the cry of my heart. I so badly want him to know my Lord and Savior and walk with him all the days of his life. To know the strength and comfort that resides there. Peace personified. Jesus, Lord, Son, Savior, Prince of Peace, God....he's right. Jesus has different names but is the same. Just like his scoop. Thanks, Lord, for this encouraging moment in my day. I needed that.

Treyton's New Toys

This Christmas was good to my boy. Treyton has enjoyed playing with his new toys. However, I'd like you to look at a few things.... This seems a little complicated for a 3 1/2 yr old.
It's really cute though. A little village with a homemade teepee and all to top it off.
Then I came home one Sat morning to see this....
A Tinker Toy rollercoaster!?!? Here's a bird's eye view:
Pretty fancy if you ask me.
Alas, I found the culprit. Here is my rocket scientist husband's airplane.
Perhaps I should have titled this entry "Bryce's New Toys"?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


All I heard all day was, "Nice shirt."

Monday, January 26, 2009


Lions and tigers are often hunted around our house. I decided to help Treyton bring one to life.
First off, cut a few strips of colored paper. I have some cutsie cutters and found this shape which I thought resembled a flowing mane.
Then fold part of one end.
Apply glue to a toilet paper roll.
Then, with some help, a 3 year old can glue the mane onto the toilet paper roll.
It's serious business though!
I noticed that the papers were a little too long.
So after they were all applied, I gave our lion a mane trim. Hmph. That might be a good name for a kids' haircut place? "Mane Trim"
To make the face I outlined the tube on a piece of paper.
I cut it out leaving a little extra around the rim so that it wouldn't slip through the tube. Learned this one the hard way, I have to admit. Then I applied the glue.
Treyton stuck it onto the tube ending to make the face.
And then came the feet.
I took a hole punch to the bum to make the tail. Then I tied string around it like so. And there's our new house tiger. Perfect size for hiding and seeking.