Thursday, August 11, 2011


I love it.
Kids sitting in a messy house reading books.  The only thing that would be better is if they were sitting in a clean house reading books.
I am starting to lose have lost control over the house but with a little darlin' like this, I'm beginning to not care.
At least as much.
Because, as I keep trying to tell myself, in the big scheme of things, does it really matter how clean the toilets are, how much floor you can see in the kids' rooms, and how much clean laundry is put away?
Summer has come to an end now that school has started.  Back in MN it was unheard of to start before Labor Day.  But out here in Colorado, they start at the height of the dog days of summer.
We've had a pretty good summer despite my expanding belly and decreasing energy levels.

We filled up the kiddie pool a few times.  Galina enjoyed her "parasol".
Treyton enjoyed being a superhero that could shoot water.
Brielle just liked helping out.
And going with the flow with her usual happy disposition.
Let the games begin!
You've gotta have the sprinkler going as well as the pool.  And a shield to protect against getting wet.
How many hours did I spend running through sprinklers growing up?  I swear I was out there all day.  With a faded, stretched out bathing suit at the end of the summer to show for it.
Soaking wet on a hot summer day is pure bliss when you're a kid.
And a fluffy pink tutu type bathing suit to top it off.
Happy summer, y'all!