Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Book Review - God's Little Princess Devotional Bible

Book Review - God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible

I am just starting to review books for the publisher Tommy Nelson.  Here is my first one:

“Every girl is a princess, the daughter of a King…the greatest King who created and rules over everything!” Touching the hearts of girls of all ages, God’s Little Princess Devotional Bible is wonderful. Author Sheila Walsh does an extraordinary job at organizing various Bible excerpts from the International Children’s Bible* into a book that captivates the girlie life. Between Bible passages are related activities and articles which I really liked: beauty secrets emphasizing inner beauty qualities, females from the Bible who made a difference, ideas on how to love others (royal subjects), ways to worship and praise God, highlighted Biblical truths, promises, and verses to memorize. I especially loved the dress up and role playing activities that brought the Bible passages to life. Being a former teacher, I noticed that this book had something for every learning style. That way my two completely different girls could use and love this book. The message of inner beauty, pursuit of godliness, and unconditional love shines through. I highly recommend this book for girls around ages 4-7.

*The International Children’s Bible which was used in this book was an enjoyable and trustworthy translation for kids. It was very easy to understand yet not watering down the meaning of Biblical passages. I may check out other Bibles for my kids with this translation, I was that pleased with it.

A View to Remember

Self-discovery would be a good way to describe it. 

I just love this stage.  Brielle is learning that she can control her legs and arms and hands and tongue.  She loves her legs. 

Bam!  Straight up they go.

Then they hunker down until...BAM!  Straight up they go again.
Sometimes the simple joys of babies create the most endearing moments. 



Treyton had cowboy day at school last week and made this craft.  Super easy and cute.  They just took a wrapping paper roll, cut out a head and mane, and stapled them together to fit on top of the roll.  Add eyes and string and there you have it...a horse!