Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Post Olympic Games

Our boy was very interested in watching the Olympics this summer. Especially the diving part. He began his own show yesterday afternoon.
Here he is preparing for his big dive. He already lifted his arms up to his shoulders and took a deep breath, exhaling as his arms went back to his side.

Notice the "tightie whitie" training undies. He refused to wear underwear until after visiting preschool last week. I told him he couldn't go until the undies went on. He paused. "You can run faster with them on too," I added, smiling at my stroke of genius. With eyes getting big and a smile unfolding, he said, "Okay, Mom." (Mom, not Mommy?!?! He's getting so old!)

But back to the Olympics.....
Legs turned out, bead necklace on, and off he goes~

Ahhh, no splash. I'd say he's made a strong running for the gold. Or the gold, blue, green, purple, white bead necklace.

He won the gold! Okay, not really...except in my heart. But he did get a medal. In soccer. That's Treyton's friend, Jeremy. He must have done a pretty good dive from his mom's file too. I like how the T-shirt that he got from the class is long-sleeved and goes down to his little white socks.

Yeah, I'm pretty proud of our little sport star and his daddy is too!

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