Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pacifying Galina

I was doing a craft with Treyton and his buddy the other day and had to deal with this. So I quickly came up with this.
Cut a candy cane shape out of construction paper. Add glue squiggles. Then bring over some cotton balls and let the snagglefritz go to town. She actually did better than I thought. Notice the tantrum gone. Kudos to me!
I think I see a smile in this picture? Or is it that she just grabbed the whole cabootle of cottonballs and thinks she's big?
There's her finished project!
Not bad for a 16 month old.
Of course, after the boys were finished with their craft (will post later), they wanted to make a candy cane too. Look at Treyton's friend, Seiban. Isn't he just darling? He thinks he's a superhero. A superhero who does crafts. Merry Christmas everyone!

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