Saturday, April 18, 2009

TX Highlights

It's been a few weeks, but I wanted to share more from our TX trip. One day we went to a park to feed the ducks. They weren't very hungry as hoards of people had most likely been there throughout the morning.
Next we walked to some fields.
The kids and a few adults raced around playing soccer.
One little person enjoyed sitting on the ball more than anything else.
Then we headed back towards the car for a picnic lunch.
One last look at the pond for any hungry ducks. No luck.
Another day we headed to the zoo. The animals were fabulous! Very close viewing.
Treyton with his grandparents.
And they loved the goats in the petting farm. Galina was looking at that little girl wondering why she didn't get to wear a dress and fancy hat. We had some fun times at home. Kids have never watered plants/flowers before as I am NOT a gardener. And we can't forget bath time. Dennis and Sharon have a huge jacuzzi tub to which we added bubble bath. They loved how the bubbles grew and grew and grew!
Thanks for the fun memories, Grandma Sharon and Grandpa Dennis!

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