Saturday, June 6, 2009

Season Opener

Treyton had his very first T-ball game this morning. Galina stood in awe of Big Brother.
He had lots of warming up to do.
Especially for the fact that we've been gone for nearly 2 weeks and his missed practices. He and his fellow "Cowpoke" (that's really their team name) threw it back and forth about 20 times. The other kid caught it once. Here's Coach Jared going over the game strategy. When he asked where they went on the bases, after saying the third base, Treyton piped up and said, "Then you go to home base, but you don't really go home."
There are the opponents.
And Treyton was the last one up to bat even though he is number one. He was pretty excited to be number 1, by the way.
And since he was last up to bat, he hit a home run and all the others from the bases got to run home. (That happens to all the last batters in the line-up, but still, in my mind, a home run is a HOME RUN!) He took a break on third before heading home.
Now it was outfield time. I didn't expect much since he's only been to one practice.
But boy was I wrong! Notice his "ready position"? (He's dead center in the photo below.)
After about 3 batters he came alive! Any time the ball was hit he ran to it, usually got it, and sometimes threw it. Other times there was a pregnant pause between getting it and throwing it.
I was amazed at how unafraid he was, how into it he was. No fear of the ball and a willingness to work hard.
My grandpa would have been proud.
There they are going through the hand shake line. Notice Treyton (number 1) with a firm arm grab to the opponent. He is a good sport.
Go Cowpokes!

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