Saturday, November 14, 2009


Brielle is such a sweet baby. Couldn't ask for a better one! She tries to survive her sister's "love".
Sucks her pacifier with enthusiasm.
Has begun tracking things. (Look at her feet! I can't stand how cute they are!!!)
She's been studying her Grandpa Don who looks like Gorbachev with a scrape on his head. He just got done being on a jury for a murder/double stabbing case. Guess he wanted to get a little bloody to get in the mood for the case.
Our little angel!
Thank you, Lord. I love this precious gift you gave us!!!

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Robyn said...

She is absolutely beautiful, Tiffany! Wish I could see her in person. Remember when we met, I was pregnant with Will? Hard to believe how time flies. I can't believe you have 3 kiddos, and we will soon have 3, as well. Hugs to you all!