Monday, November 2, 2009

Fancy Fish

We were snowed in last week which can only mean one thing...craft time!
We decided to make some fancy fish. I just took a paper plate and cut out a triangle shape for each child doing the craft. Then the kids colored the plates.While they were doing that, I cut some tin foil into small squares. And a bonus...this supposedly sharpens scissors too, I read somewhere.
Next I let the kids dip the foil into glue and then let them put it onto their fish.
However, I found it was a little easier to just add a drop of glue to the back of the individual tin foil pieces. Another method that worked was to add drops of glue to the plate and let the kids put the foil onto the dots of glue.
Then we taped the tail which we cut out for the mouth to the hind end of the fish. And we cut out fins and taped them as well.
Of course, any fish isn't complete without googly eyes.
The kids ran around the house (aka "the ocean") with their fish to help cabin fever swim away.

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