Thursday, December 10, 2009

He's Come a Long Way, Baby!

I had to chuckle, under my breath since we were in church. There sat a young couple a few rows ahead of us. They had a baby....I'd say 8 months old. Anyways, the little guy started fussing and the mom was trying to console him to no avail. That's when she leaned over to her husband who was staring at his little man and whispered something in his ear. His head disappeared as he bent down rustling through the diaper bag. Up he came with a Bible. Very sensible, I'll admit. It was sermon time afterall. But Mom, with baby boy's volume and kicks escalating, shook her head and said something else to her hubby. Down he went again and this time came up with a bottle. I determined that the mother had said, "Can you get me the bottle," whereas the husband first heard, "Can you get me the Bible?" I turned to my husband who was listening attentively to the pastor and ignoring my lips pushed together in a suppressed smile.
He has come a long way.
Four years ago he probably would have made that same mistake. Now, if our baby was fussing in church, I wouldn't even have to lean over and ask for a Bible/bottle. He'd get it to me before I'd even have to ask. That's what 4 years and 3 kids does. It made me realize how far we'd come on this parenting journey. Yet, in reality, we've only just begun. I wonder if anyone with teenagers was watching us?

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