Monday, March 1, 2010


We had a playdate with Seiban last week.  Once again, they wanted to do a craft.  So I broke out the supplies and had them make some friendly green fellows.

First I took some green paper and found something round to trace a large circle on each sheet. (Notice Brielle in the background....she'll be in action later.)
Next I found a smaller "template" and traced two circles per kid out of white paper. And then I traced each kids' hands.
Have at it, boys! Let the cutting begin.
Boys love cutting things.  It's part of their war-like insticts, I suppose. 
These are all the pieces. Galina's toes are included for free.
Place the pieces like so to make a frog. Have the kids glue them together.
 Then simply use marker to add pupils, a nose, and a mouth.
There you have it!  Handprint frogs.

But beware...they could inspire crazy frog games.  Here's the line-up:
Seiban couldn't wait until 3.  His frogger-juices were flowing too intensely to hold them in any longer.
Soon they realized that they could jump over each other.
I think Seiban found a new talent.

While all this was going on, I neglected the little tadpole only to find this:
She rolled all the way over to the hardwood floor!  This was the first time she rolled more than once! 

I think she was a little shocked herself.
And proud!
All inspired by three Kermits taking over the house.  What fun!

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