Monday, August 9, 2010

Parents are a Blessing

This picture almost didn't happen.
In March, my dad suffered from a cardiac arrest.
Only 20% of people who have one survive.
My dad has gotten a second chance at life.
I'm so proud of him.  He's lost 20 pounds (so far) and changed his eating habits.  Well, the eating habits is the result of this woman.
My mom.  She is the wind beneath my wings.  And I'm not just saying that. She is wonderful. She is love defined.  Truly, everything I am I owe to her and my father's love, strength, and support in my life. 
I am so grateful for such amazing parents.  And after the near loss of my dad, I am only more and more thankful for them every day.  I love you, Madre and Father!  Yesterday, today, and always.

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Melinda said...

So, so happy for you and your mom and dad. Sometimes it takes a scare for us to really make the changes we need to and embrace life. Your mom sounds wonderful. Your daddy is blessed to have her. Praise God for defying that 80%! ;0)