Friday, February 25, 2011

New Digs From Grandma

A fun thing that Bryce's parents do is send a care package for each holiday.  I have no idea how Sharon does it.  I can't even get a thank you sent in the mail let alone a little gift for each grandkid!  (She has 6._  Anyways, this time the kids received, along with candy, a book and new clothes.
Brielle was fascinated with her new skirt.  She's recently gotten into accessories.
 She really loved it!
 And Galina's new skirt was darling.  I had the perfect shirt to match too.

 Galina wore this outfit for three days in a row before I forced her (literally) to wear something else.
 She twirled a lot in those three days.
 And Mr. T looked dapper in his new shirt.  Sporty and fun! 
Thanks to Grandma Sharon for her time and effort!  Happy Valentine's Day right back at ya!

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