Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snowmen at Night Craft

We had a snowstorm recently.
So to deal with the cabin fever, I broke out the crafts.  There's a book out there called Snowmen At Night which was an inspiration to create this craft.

 We were out of black paper so we used dark blue.  Black would've been better but oh well.
 Then we just drew circles and filled them with glue.  Next we wadded up toilet paper and stuck them on the glue to create fluffy snowmen.
 I cut out hats and boots to add to the snowmen.
 We used Q-tips for the arms.
 Raisins were great for the nose and smile.  But don't let them dry where a dog can lick them off.  This could be why I do not have a completed picture of their masterpieces.
 Happy winter!

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