Monday, August 27, 2012

I Bought a Planner Today

It started off as a typical Monday.  I got all four kids up and fed and dressed before 7:45.  After finding everyone's shoes, we got in the car.  This was a bit tricky as I had a large area rug over the seats I was going to return later.  Now you can picture me in the mom-mobile with a giant rug heading off to school drop off.  I got the boy there on time and headed off to do some errands. 

Less than 10 minutes later I received a phone call from his school.

Oh dear.

It turned out that today was testing day for elementary kids.  I dropped him off even though there was no school.  Just the middle schoolers met today.  He was to have a 15 minute reading assessment later in the morning.  So I got off the freeway and turned around to head back to his school.  I was almost at my destination, mind you.  A little frustrated with myself.

I got the boy and apologized profusely.  We headed to the playground after I changed Ainsley's MAJOR poopie diaper.  I managed to contain it so thankfully it didn't get all over her clothes.  About 5 minutes later we headed back indoors for Treyton's test.  He returned and we headed to the van.

But where were my keys?  I looked in all my purse's outside pockets where I always put them,  No luck.  In my frenzy to get my stranded boy and helping Galina over the area rug, did I leave them in the car?  I decided to do the full purse check (while holding Ainsley) and found them at the very bottom of the main bin where I never put them.  Oh for heaven's sake!

Finally we were off....again.

Just remember that any Target trip that should take 10 minutes usually takes 20 when you have 4 kids trailing.  Needless to say I was a little short on temper as the morning wore on.  Especially since every time we went anywhere we had to maneuver around a giant area rug.

Our last stop (so I thought) was at the area rug store.  We got the thing out and I upgraded to the next size up.  Crazy that it cost almost double what the next size down cost yet was only a few feet bigger in circumference.  Dang!

About 10 minutes later I got another phone call.

Oh dear.

It turned out that I left my credit card at the carpet store.  Doh!

So we headed back to the store to pick it up.  By now I was racing the clock because I had to get the kids fed lunch and Galina to Jr. K.  I realized that I didn't have enough time to make it home for lunch so I ran through the Jack in the Box drive through.  After making SURE I had my credit card back, I headed to Galina's school.

Now it dawned on me that I didn't get Galina's homework done with her.  We were suppose to count the number of trees in our front yard, how many steps from our front door to the mailbox, number of windows in the house, etc.  Living on 4.6 acres makes this assignment a little challenging.  I had originally planned to do that with her over the weekend but completely forgot.  So then I planned to do it after those couple of morning errands parents get pink slips?

Nothing like explaining my incompetence to a preschool teacher.

Of course Brielle fell asleep on the ride home from Galina's school.  And wet her pants while sleeping in her car seat.  And Ainsley was full of joy as she was an hour late in getting her lunch. 

So I bought a planner today.  I think it's time.

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