Sunday, September 2, 2012

In Five Year Old World

I found this poem recently and it just about brought me to tears....and I'm not a crier.  I decided to share it with you for there is so much we can learn from a 5 yr old!

In five-year-old world …
There is freedom.
Freedom to tell it like it is.
Freedom to wear raspberries on your fingers—no matter what anyone else thinks.
Freedom to make up the words to the song that plays within your heart.

In five-year-old world …
There is time.
Time to stop and admire mystic clouds and find the beauty in a dandelion.
Time to give your waitress a hug.
Time to do it yourself … even if it takes longer … even if it’s not perfect.

In five-year-old world …
There is confidence.
Confidence to celebrate bathing suit season.
Confidence to pair unusual style combinations and wear them in public.
Confidence to dance when everyone is watching.

In five-year-old world …
There is safety.
Safety in the familiar glow of a bedroom night-light.
Safety in Daddy’s arms.
Safety in homemade forts built with your sister as rain beats against the windowpane.

In five-year-old world …
There is beauty.
Beauty in freckle-kissed noses and grass-stained feet.
Beauty in mispronounced words like “liberry” and “funder storm.”
Beauty in open-mouth laughter and disobedient curls on a warm summer night.

In five-year-old world …
There is comfort.
Comfort in mother’s scent.
Comfort in that certain pair of worn pajamas despite being two sizes too small.
Comfort in magical pink bunnies that sleep under your breath.

In five-year-old world …
The gaps between the teeth are wide.
Individual differences are noticed, but openly accepted.
Laughter between friends cures all ills.
Apple seeds can become trees if planted with love.

In five year old world …
Forgiveness is an abundant commodity.
Flaws and shortcomings are easily overlooked.
Bad breath and unruly hair are signs of good sleep.
There’s no such thing as having too many stuffed animals in your bed.

In five-year-old world …
There is no need to hurry.
Time is our friend.
We are loved.
And the world looks beautiful from down here.

By Rachel Macy Stafford, Author of Hands Free Mama

Thanks my little 5 yr old, for helping me learn so much about life!

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