Sunday, May 18, 2008

Treyton's sick

Poor Treyton. On Fri night he had a temp of 103.7. I freaked out. Call the dr. They said it wasn't an emergency unless it was 104. I thought to myself...ummmm 103.7 plus human error equals 104 doesn't it? But needless to say, they talked me out of my freakish state. I should have given him Tylonel earlier. He felt warm earlier too but I didn't think it was this bad. So they had me do a few novice "tests" to see if there was anything else seriously wrong which there wasn't. But, they still wanted me to take him in on Sat am. I called and they couldn't get him in until 1pm. Of course this freaked me out more and with my sweet talking I got him an appt at 8:45 which in doctor talk is really 9:15. I think I saw your doc...Rosenbaum or something. He diagnosed Treyton with a sinus infection and said he was pretty miserable...aka YOU FAILED MOM. Feeling defeated, I immediately took the kids for another hour wait at the grocery/pharmacy which was "give away free cake for military appreciation day". I appreciate the military and had 3 pieces. Yes, three pieces (cake is my favorite thing in the world). Oh, they were supposed to be for Treyton and Galina, but since Treyton was on a hunger strike and Galina hasn't had her 1st sweet yet, I ate them all. Planned on taking them home for later but with the hour know how it goes.

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