Friday, May 16, 2008

Just Do It

If you compare the dates between the last entry and this one, you can see that I've been stalling. Stalling, stalling, stalling. I keep thinking that I need to write something really profound. Have an idea that will change the world. Throw my hat into the presidential ring. But I don't. So I sit and wait for it to come. Well forget it! I am just going to write! Write whatever strikes my fancy. Like the fact that cats and two year olds must come from the same mold. Not an earth-shattering idea, but mine nonetheless. Or the fact that I have spent the last hour looking for the perfect frosting recipe on the net. When will I get that time back again? Little Miss Muffet, my 9 month old, is upstairs calling for me. Must go. Motherhood calls.

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