Saturday, June 28, 2008

Out of hugs

A couple of days ago Treyton decided to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. He was testing me with a whining I'm-ready-to-pick-a-fight attitude. Then he pulled HIS blanket (one of 3) out from under Galina making her faceplant into the floor. That's all I needed. I sent him to time out which he hates. After a while and the tears subsiding (both kids), Galina back to her mischief, and me under control, I went to do our after time out chat. "Treyton, what did you do wrong?" "I don't know." "Treyton," my voice having the mommy-warning tone. "I pulled my blankie away from Galina." "Yes and that was wrong because you hurt Galina. We don't grab things and hurt people. When someone is playing with something we wait until they are all done before we take it from them. " "But I wanted it." "I know but that's not what you do when you want something someone else has. We wait until they're all done playing with it or ask for help. So next time what will you do if Galina has something you want. "I don't know." "Treyton," my voice low and threatening. I'm thinking, "Duh, I just told you." "I don't know, Mommy." I sighed and rolled my eyes while he was picking his toes. "You wait until they are done or ask Mommy for help. So what will you do next time? "Wait until they are done or ask Mommy for help." "That's right!!! Now you need to tell Mommy you are sorry for being naughty and then tell Galina you are sorry for hurting her." More toe picking, rolling around, and finally "Sorry." "Okay, come give Mommy a hug." "But I can't." "Well you need to." "But I can't, Mommy." "Why can't you?" "Because I'm all out of hugs." "You're all out of hugs? You can't be." "But I am! I don't have any more hugs." Oh, dear Lord, it's going to be a long day. Time passes. We went to the park in my hopes to change the tide of the morning. We heard a bunch of sirens. "Mommy, someone is hurt." "Yes, Treyton, that could be. Maybe we should pray for them. Dear Lord Jesus..." "Dear Lord Jesus," Treyton repeats. "...please help that person to not be hurt." "But Mommy I want them hurt." "You don't want them hurt." I thought I misheard him. "No, I want them hurt." "You want them hurt? Why would you want them hurt? God wouldn't want them to hurt." "But I want them hurt." "Oh Treyton, that's not very nice." "Well that's just the way I am Mommy." Is there any sense trying to save the day?

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