Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A stroller and a rope

Most moms would probably poo poo the idea of their son having a play stroller. I did too at first. I actually bought it for Galina. Sort of embarrassed me that my son took to it like spit up on a nursing mom's shirt. He loved pushing it around. We often take it as we walk down the block to the mail box. Galina being pushed by me; Treyton pushing his play stroller. Yes, I would get the looks from the neighbors or drive-bys. Was I intentionally trying to raise a pansy-boy? And then I started to think about it a little more. It's not so much the stroller he was pushing, but what was IN the stroller. If the neighbors would look carefully they would see a dump truck, a blankie, or some other toy. Yesterday he took his beloved rope on our walk to the mailbox. A rope. Could come in handy, don't ya know.......Like tieing up a mean ol' passer-by. hehehe

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