Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Pee-pee party

I wish we could have a pee-pee party. Boy, do I wish. If I could pay someone to do this potty training thing for me I would put another mortgage on the house. Just shortly after we started to potty train Treyton (which has been .178% effective, by the way), he came up with an interesting excuse for not going potty in the potty. By the way, I wonder how many times a day I say that? "potty in the potty....potty in the potty....potty in the potty" His imagination is rather impressive. He told us that the potties weren't coming out because they were watching a movie. Nice one, T-man. Call them Siskel and Eibert (sp?) as they're always tied up in the theater down under. My only redeeming thought is this: Drug addicts that don't take care of their children one bit somehow manage to get potty trained. I'd just rather throw the whole thing out of the window. Maybe that stupid potty could become a nice bird bath.

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