Saturday, August 9, 2008


I had one of those not-so-rare moments today.
I saw these feet.
Then I thought that I wanted to remember this image forever. These feet won't be this size for long. Which reminds me, I need to go find some size 7 tennis shoes one of these days.
Those sweet hands.
I could kiss those toes!
Okay, I admit; I haved kissed those toes.
These little moments, when I'm caught off guard over such a wonder as little feet, I stop and drink it it. I try to make the moment etched in my memory. For there will be days to come when there won't be little feet around to smile at. When those feet will be stepping up into the schoolbus. Or pressing down the driving pedal. Or walking across a graduation stage. Or down the isle. I hope they always find their way back to me.

This is the face of those feet. Notice the milk mushtache. He could be in commercials, don't you think?

What a wonder, a blessing, a miracle I have sitting in my kitchen every morning. Thank you, Lord, for sending this little soul to me and giving me the priviledge to experience the blessings that go with being a mommy.

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