Monday, August 11, 2008

I went back in and am so glad I did!

Often Treyton has a spell after he is put in bed. Sometimes it's that his truck has fallen from his bed. Or that he needs a drink of water. A few times he was scared of the shadows that the front yard tree makes on his wall. He always cries when my book club leaves. Any parent rolls their eyes when they hear their kid crying after they've done the whole bedtime routine thing and are supposed to be having a break after a long day of kid necessities. Like most parents, I let him cry for a while, hoping he'd stop. After a respectable amount of time, I blew out my sigh and went upstairs. "What is it Treyton?" "Mommy, I'm sad about Galina." "Why are you sad about Galina?" Oh dear, what did he do now? "Galina doesn't have Jesus in her heart." "Oh Treyton, she doesn't, does she? She's too little to understand what that means. I'm just glad that you have Jesus in your heart." "Well, well, well mommy, I think we should pray for Galina to have Jesus in her heart." Wow. Wow, wow, wow. The great joy and pride I felt when my kid said this was greater than anything he'd done in his life so far. Does he really have a heart for others to know God? Already? He wants his sister to have Jesus in her heart! It almost brought me to tears to hear him say this! My prayer for his life is to know Christ. Is this the beginning of an answer to my lifelong prayer for him? We prayed for Galina and I gave him giant hugs and kisses one more time before saying goodnight. I'm so glad I went back in that night.

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