Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumkin craft time

Here's a little craft I found that I decided to try with Treyton. I took a ball of newspaper and stuffed it into a lunch sack. Oh so serious. Then I let Treyton pain them orange. Still so serious.
Note to self....don't have kid paint in a white shirt again. I'll spare you the photos.
Then I packed the kids up and ran to Walmart to get some green pipe cleaners. Nice planning, I know.
Next we tied the pipe cleaners around the pumpkins for stems.
Treyton got really frustrated with this part so I ended up adding the flare.
Then I tied them all together adding a few loop-di-loos.
Tah-dah! Ready to hang and decorate our house.
Until Galina rips them down. :)


Carol said...

I just stopped by your blog for the first time and have enjoyed getting to know you a bit. Your kids are sweet.

I really like this pumpkin garland. I might try it with the kids tomorrow. I'm not much of a Halloween person at all, but I love autumn/harvest time.

You have a great positive attitude.

sandy said...

Very cute garland:)