Saturday, November 1, 2008

Circus Week

It was Circus Week at Treyton's school last week. They were to parade from the preschool to the main school (where I used to teach incidentally). Then they would put on a little entertainment for all the anxious parents. I chose the word anxious for a reason. For most of these kids, it was their first performance debut. For my guy, it was his second. He performed for my CBS group one time last year. Anyways, the mystery involved in what your child might do while up in front of a room full of parents is pretty scary.
While we were waiting, Galina had a meltdown. Since we had really good seats, I put her on the floor which ended the tears immediately. She took off.
Then she decided to show off her new walking skills for all the parents. I'm not sure everyone appreciated her pre-game entertainment, but I didn't know what else to do. Hey, you do what you have to do to maintain sanity as a parent. On a side note...this kid is born to perform! We often call her "Galina Ballerina". I think she may deliver.
As they paraded in, I caroused my girl kicking and screaming the whole time. Once they were all up front she stopped for about a minute. Oh my gosh, look at how cute they are! Treyton picked the pretty girl in his class to stand next to. Little pink poochie. The kid in the Tigger costume, Ryan, is the friend that he plays with a lot at school. Drew is the other who is R2D2 (next to the girl with yellow pants).
Treyton is taking it all in as he often does in a new situation.
Now he's rockin!
That little Raggedy Anne that's right in the middle of the crowd was sooo cute. My favorite costume of the group, I think.
Here they are leaving. Treyton is loving his place in line. He gets to hold hands with the pretty girl.
Here's his whole class and teacher. Treyton had to show off the muscles one last time.
After their show the class headed back to their rooms for a party. They played musical chairs and pin the nose on the clown. They had snacks and juice boxes too. I brought in a marble poke cake with pumpkins on top as their special snack.
When I picked him up later that morning, the kids could all be described by one word: tired! I loaded my two up and headed home only to discover this.
Somehow when I was carrying the leftover cake in one arm and Galina in the other, the two intersected. She hid it as I was getting her in the car. Sneaky little thing. Didn't I hear somewhere that girls were easier than boys? HA!

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