Monday, December 22, 2008


Treyton's really gotten into the Rudolf spirit lately. We decided to make a craft, an ode to Rudolf. First I traced the kids' hands and cut them out. Then I took lunch sacks and cut an oval on the top.
Next I stuffed the bag with the antler scraps and folded the top over.
Don't forget the ears! I used the paper bag scraps to cut out ears.
Glue, glorious glue.
The antlers were ready to mount. After a few tries that failed, we decided to mount them onto the back of the bag. (Good thing craft glue dries clear!)
Then we added the ears by tucking them into the fold.
While I helped Treyton, Galina played with googly eyes. (Please ignore the big laundry pile in the background. Somethings in my house just take second fiddle!)
Then it was Galina's turn. She really enjoyed gluing stuff onto her reindeer. I was surprised at her dexterity!
There go the googly eyes.
And a red puff ball for the nose.
Tah dah! Two Rudolfs and a very messy house.
Where to put them, where to put them....I decided on the top of our curtainless, sliding glass door (we recently had to replaced it). They are festive and help me feel better about the eyesore, I mean door!

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