Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Preschool Program

It was Christmas program day, and Galina was decked out. I dropped Treyton off and headed to the church that was hosting this event. Galina decided to head right up on stage. Yep, she shook her groove thing.No timidity in this pipsqueak. "All the world's a stage, Mommy!" After walking all over the church she was okay to sit down for a couple minutes...in the reserved section. There she goes, the thumb and belly button. Galina's typical position when she's at rest. Which is hardly ever. Then the bus with the kids showed up. Here's Treyton and part of his class. Look at that little cutie next to him. She was made for the camera! Made me think of Galina in a couple years, actually. Especially when she kept lifting her dress up during the program.
Here they are on stage.
Take a looksie at this video. Bear with my camera skills as I tried to corral a 16 month old girl who didn't want to sit. Are they precious or what?
Here's Treyton's friends Ryan and Jonah.
Look at that cutie again smack dab in the middle. Made for the camera, I tell ya!
Later they had a few play the nativity scene. Can you take this cuteness?
Then it was back to Treyton's school for his party. Here they all are ready for their special snack time. My boy! It's still hard to believe he's in preschool.
By this time I was "done" with Galina. So I put her in the corner. She was soooo tired. She fell asleep after 30 seconds in the car.
All in all it was a good day. Christmas break has officially begun!

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Wendi Garland said...

Hello to my dear friend! Soooooo excited to get your Christmas letter and see that you're a blog-aholic like me! You and I, we're truly kindred spirits. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog... can't believe how big T and G are... they are cuter than cute. You're super crafty too! I've added your site to my Reader, so I'm all over you now girl. blessings! love you!