Saturday, January 17, 2009

Folded Paper Kitty

When I was working on the folded paper dog with Treyton, I had my hands full with Galina wanting to help. So I scooped her up, plopped her on her throne, and gave her some paper to color.
Then we decided to make a kitty. Start off by folding the paper as above and cut off the extra strip as below.
Fold in the pointed bottom end.
Then fold up one side for the ears.
And the other.
Flip the whole thing over.
Add a face.
Charm your daughter.
Here's our real kitty, Polly. She got her name because she's a polydactyl. Meaning that she has an extra toe on every paw. Evidently, all American polydactyls came from the Ernest Hemmingway home when he brought some over from Europe and introduced them to our country. We also refer to her as Uncle Fester as she lives in our basement most of the time due to her fear of dogs, change, and sometimes children. She comes up in the early morning hours and in the evenings when things are a little less chaotic around here. She's a gentle love.

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