Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Folded Paper Dog

We were all getting cabin fever the other day so I decided to do something "structured" to help the day go faster. We decided to make some animals. Here's how: Find a boy or a girl with a scrumptious smile and personality to boot. Then grab a piece of paper and fold it like so.
Cut off the extra hanging off the triangle part.
Unfold and let the cutie patootie create designs on the page and smell makers.
A few spots are always welcome on dogs.
Once BOTH sides are colored, fold the page back up to form a triangle.
Then take one corner and fold it down to create an ear.
Repeat on the other side.
Now for the snout. Fold the bottom up to form a triangle.
And then down again to form the nose.
Color the nose black or pink or whatever strikes your fancy.
Then we took googly eyes and glued one on a piece of black paper to create a spotted eye. We glued both the spotted eye and plain eye to the dog.
Ta-dah! (Notice Daisy looking on from her spot by the door.) The paper dog may be cute, but not as wonderful as this K-9.
Oh Daisy, you are such an angel!

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