Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's cowboy day at Treyton's school today.
They are going to have an early lunch of hot dogs, beans, and biscuits.
Treyton has taken the role seriously. Did he just say, "Whutch ya talkin' bout Willus?" Oh sorry, I must be mistaken as he's never seen Different Strokes. That was a great show though, wasn't it? Why don't we have more shows like that anymore? Wholesome family entertainment in the evenings is null and void in our world today. Look at that handsome fella. If you like this sort of thing, there is a fun blog I frequent about a city girl who falls in love with a cowboy and moves to the middle of no where to be with him on his family ranch. They have 4 kids now. Check her out at Her love story with "Marlboro Man" is simply scrumptious!
"Howdy partner!" Let's go get those cows. (He's been practicing for days with a rope. Everywhere we go.)
Can you stand it? Move over Marlboro Man! Cowboy T has stolen my heart!

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