Sunday, January 4, 2009

Over the River and Through the Woods

Early Christmas morning we headed to the airport for our journey to my hometown. Stupidly, we didn't bring a stroller. Galina was squirming and getting heavier by the minute. And with lines so long, there were many minutes! Well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what to do....but it helped having one around in this situation. He stuck the girl on our suitcase. This made Galina as well as her mommy's tired arms happy.
Treyton was doing great with his Elmo suitcase filled with toys and lollipops.
Daddy taught Galina a thing or two about checking in.
Next we were off to the security line. Which was longer than the ticketing line. At least it kept moving. Treyton led the way as Galina followed. Look at those arms as Galina tries to sneak in front of Treyton. Speed walking at 17 months.
Since Treyton was interested in people watching, he didn't mind his sister's rudeness.
After standing in lines for an especially long time, we scurried to the concourse. It's a scary feeling when you get to the gate and there are no others waiting around. Not that this happened to us or anything. Luckily we were there in time to be let on the plane.
Galina was happy to go back and forth between her two biggest fans.
Bryce used his engineering skills to help get the headset to fit Treyton so he could watch Wall-E on our laptop.
But all of it was worth it because once we got to our destination, my brother's house, I got to get some of this.
My sister's new baby, Carter. Boy did I need that!
Here's the new mommy with Carter.
But look at this! If I were just visiting, I would bet my lunch money that Galina was her kid. But this little munchkin belongs to me, and for that I will be forever thankful to God and his unfailing love!

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