Saturday, January 10, 2009


Galina has been into accessorizing lately. She especially loves shoes. We find our shoes all over the house, not due to our laziness but to Galina's early obsession.When she realized that she couldn't get around as fast in Daddy's shoes, she went to Treyton's boots. And a few more things to make her outfit "just so". She couldn't resist Aunt Amy's crown and veil leftover from her bachlorette party. Then she tried to put on her coat.
After laughing at her expense for a few minutes, well, just a few more minutes
we helped her. In turn, she decided to help her baby doll. Galina stuck her shoes on baby doll.
I think she was ready for a night out? Oh the bling... Bryce says, "I pitty the fool!" when she adorns herself so. (That's for those of you who remember Mr. T and the A-Team)
One evening she stuck her finger in the light socket. Okay, not really but it sure looks like it in this picture. And yes, she's wearing what you think she's wearing.
Bryce's unders.
But all in all, I must admit, I like my girl this way best. Pure. Innocent. Simple. Sweet.No accessories needed.