Friday, February 27, 2009

Bat and Ball

This new little one in me is keeping me pretty much laying all day. But, in a moment of relief, I was able to sneak in a craft in honor of signing up Treyton for his first T-ball team. We traced a circle using a plastic lid. Then the big preschool boy showed me his gently developing scissor skills.
Next I took a hole puncher and punched holes to form the stitches on the baseball.
Since my hole puncher couldn't punch through the middle, I improvised and punched out HALF CIRCLES by folding along the stitch lines.
Now, when folding along the middle (for the stitches) if you don't punch HALF punches and accidentally do a whole hole punch, it will look like this:
OOPS! But never fear, it can be salvaged. Especially when your boy took forever to cut it out and is now crying. Just take a piece of scrap and tape it to cover it up. Next it was time to sew the stitches through the hole punches.
This required some coaching on my part but the boy did pretty well.
There's the finished baseball.
Next I took a paper bag and drew a bat shape.
Using his scissor skills, Treyton cut out the bat.
Then we glued the ball to the bat.
Since Treyton wanted his name on this bat, I helped by making a dotted version of his name that he traced.
There's the little slugger!

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